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The Road To Recovery – Life After Kidney Transplant

It FINALLY happened! On March 9, 2019, after seven years on dialysis, I received my life-saving kidney transplant!  Now I am experiencing the difficulties, but more importantly the joys of recovery.  While the joys of recovery and life with a working kidney are extraordinary, they are not what this article is about.  No, today’s article is for all those in…

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10 Most Common Anxiety Triggers

What Causes Anxiety?   Unfortunately, there is not one simple answer to this question.  Anxiety is most easily defined as a feeling of extreme worry and unease.  There are many different things and situations that can cause this anxious feeling.  They are referred to as triggers.  Furthermore, not everyone who suffers from anxiety experiences the same triggers as another.  Some people even…

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Stepping into the unknown can be a terrifying situation.  Whether it be a permanent move or just a family vacation the moments leading up to the awesome memories can be hectic.  Hectic situations are where we often find anxiety lurking… to be more specific, in this case, it’s travel anxiety.   So how do you rein in your travel anxiety before…

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Anxiety: 10 Manifestations Of The Monster

Anxiety When we think about anxiety we picture it as it is in movies.  Movies give the idea that panic attacks = anxiety.  As someone who suffers from anxiety I will say that while the knowledge of a panic attack is important; it does not account for the many other ways that anxiety presents itself.  It is important for people…

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All About Ondina Everywhere Ondina Everywhere What’s OndinaEverywhere all about? Well, how do I best describe this in a way that is easily relate-able to most people? I KNOW!… Have you ever been under a lot of stress when suddenly a feeling of unease comes over you?  Not just slight discomfort but rather a terrifying feeling of dizziness and the inability…

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